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Plynárenská 1, Bratislava +421 910 744 005

MODERN RECRUITER #technologies #socialmedia #networker

We need someone to fill help us with pushing the borders of recruitment and helping us show the market that there is a different way of doing recruitment, and we’re leading that drive!

  • Work type: full-time
  • Salary: 800-1 700 EUR/m
  • Region: Bratislava region
  • Required language: English (B2)
  • Suitable for graduates: no
  • Reference num.: A3988
Pavol Kubaška

Pavol Kubaška

+421 910 744 005

What is it all about?

GoodCall was established to wake up the industry and evolve the human relations market to help talent and companies efficiently connect. We’re raising the bar for the entire sector and challenging current conceptions of recruitment by integrating open training, marketing, and data to create a more effective talent exchange for everyone.GoodCall is the only pure social recruitment firm utilizing social media (we are kings and queens of LinkedIn), mobile (we created the market’s only mobile app), video (see our Youtube channel) and online marketing tools (PPC, remarketing, emailing,.. you know this) and data (we have an in-house development team creating our own tools and social media plugins to be more effective).
In GoodCall our recruiters work on project basis where every project is unique selection process with individual approach to the client and resources. In the team you have one or more talent sourcers. Talent Sourcer is the "right hand" of the recruiter and he identifies and reaches the talent. Recruiter is than responsible for interviews, client management, offer management and coordination of the sourcers's work.

What are than the recruiters' responsibilities?
  • recruitment process management and coordination
  • sourcing process management including strategy creation, prioritization, results control and further analysis
  • creation, realization and meassuring of the marketing campaigns
  • key account and client management
  • realization of alternative and innovative recruitment products
  • training and coaching of talent sourcers

What positions you will be responsible for?
This depands on many factors related to your seniority, experience and background. We in GoodCall are supporting wide scale of positions from fresh graduates roles to senior management role.

What could you learn?
How the recruitment of 21st century works
How to search candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social medias
What headhunting techniques are most effective
What recruitment products are the newest trends, where the HR market is heading locally and globally
What is HR marketing and how it works
Basis of project management and how the recruitment projects are planned, meassured and analyis
How to win the table football game
Cooperate with top leaders on the European market

Who are you?

  • you have drive, dynamics, energy and ideas to work with people, you love talking, listening and cooperation
  • you understand what it means to communicate effectively
  • you have at least some business experience during your studies or after university
  • you speak English
  • you can organize your time, ability to organize others is big advantage
  • previous experience on consulting or other client facing role is big advantage

Why is this position attractive?

Why GoodCall?
  • Good Training - we have own Recruitment Academy, where we train HR specialists and even the competition (part of the job is getting the certification). besides this we meet on regular internal brainstorming sessions.
  • Good influencers - we speak at local and european conferences, Forbes and others write about us
  • Good specialists – we combine unique brains of software engineers and communication talents of top recruiters
speak at Marketing Festival, Get Social, New Media Inspiration, Sourcing Summit Amsterdam and many others
  • Good working hours – GoodCall is based on flexible working hours
  • Good team - friendly, creative and talented colleagues
  • Good salary - attractive pay and bonuses that attract and keep high performers
  • Good management - rockstar management team driving GoodCall's people success through the roof
  • Good IT - work with the latest IT recruitment technology we build in-house
  • Good career - there is always an option a space to be promoted for our talents
  • Good office - you will see after AC

Who's in your team?

Passionate recruiters, talented Talent Sourcers and experienced leaders.

Naty: built up the biggest Slovak recruitment agency to the number one on the Slovak market, later on lead european operations
Pali: from the role of BD Manager lead and developed the international personell agency in the area of recruitment, talent management, outsourcing and temporary staffing
Josef "José" Kadlec: 1. LinkedIn certified recruiter in Czech Republic, author of the book: People of merchandise
Milan Novák: as CEO lead the international recruitment agency operating in 7 countries in CEE region with more than 350 employers

Want to see the work place?

Daily we hang on facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, chats and apps. We call, write, google, chat, post, blog, read, brainstorm, analyze and listnen. Besides these we play table football, drink a looooot of coffee, collect the part of CVs, have separate offices but most lovely we sit together in our "living room". This we call simply: MODERN RECRUITMENT

More about us:

How the selection process looks like?

Our recruitment process is special, you will learn a lot about us and about our perception of recruitment.

1. Want to apply and don’t have a CV at the moment? Don’t worry…the CV is dead :-) Let us know by sending your LinkedIn, profile or maybe you have your own web presentation.
2. We will call you.
3. After the short call we will invite you to the Assessment center.
4. After AC we decide to give the offers to best of you.
5. We start with trainings at the first days.
6. Real Job starts!

Lets repeat that: CALL - AC - TRAINING - JOB
  • Work type: full-time
  • Salary: 800-1 700 EUR/m
  • Region: Bratislava region
  • Required language: English (B2)
  • Suitable for graduates: no
  • Reference num.: A3988


Pavol Kubaška

Pavol Kubaška

+421 910 744 005
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