Find a dream candidate

Find a dream candidate

Have a tough role to fill? The best candidates are not actively looking for a new job. We know how to find them and catch their interest.

We’ll use our magic direct search methodology to find the right person for your innovative project. We’ll manage the entire hiring process until they are walking into your office for their first day of work.

You pay only if you hire.

Our revolutionary take on recruitment

Focus on sourcing

Focus on sourcing

Our team of more than 60 sourcing professionals work 24/7. This allows us to interact with candidates when and how they prefer.

Innovative tools

Innovative tools

We use social media, video and the market’s only mobile app for recruitment to finally engage candidates the way all other industries do.

Reaching passive candidates

Reaching passive candidates

Our unique methods allow us to reach more passive candidates whom don’t respond to traditional ways of recruitment.

Creative strategies to attract candidates

Creative strategies to attract candidates

We’re setting new trends with our creative candidate attraction strategies, ensuring our clients are represented in a cool, modern way.

Common questions

How much does it cost?

We have two types of services: Quick Success and Dedicated Sucess. Our fees are success-based and range from 23 - 30% of the candidate's annual salary. We'll be happy to discuss in detail with you what each service entails and how we structure our fees, including potential discounts, guarantee periods, and other conditions.  

Do you guarantee hires?

We cannot guarantee hires but we can guarantee that we'll do great marketing for you. We will dig into new passive candidate pools that most other companies don't touch. We will represent your company and brand with innovative, modern toold and messages that will resonate with your target market.  

What type of roles do you work on?

We work on roles that we feel we will be successful on. Because we focus on direct search and don’t work very often with the active candidate pools it’s more difficult for us to find certain roles where people don’t have much direct digital connection, such as entry level roles or blue-collar laborers. Typically, we are most successful on mid-level specialists up to senior managers. 

Trusted by some of the most innovative businesses - big and small

  • Coca-cola HBC
  • Oriflame
  • Škoda auto
  • Wood & ompany

“GoodCall's approach is extraordinary and we can always rely on delivering quality results along with honest, ethical partnerships.”

Mark Meyer, Managing Director at Circle Investment Support Services, s.r.o.

“I think GoodCall is so far the best recruitment agency in Slovakia.”

Inna Rogač, Operations Academy Manager EMEA at Adient

“GoodCall is like a breath of fresh air. Where other companies already reach their limits, GoodCall still delivers :-).”

Dagmar Hůlková, HR Business Partner at Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia, s.r.o.

“It is the best agency I have ever worked with, their employees really understand what they do.”

Andrea Brániková, Recruitment Specialist at Brose Group

"With GoodCall you always get a 100% service. The team of professionals is always happy to help and clients' request are top priority."

Ivana Latečková, Senior HR Manager Bratislava Business Center at Johnson Controls International

"GoodCall is my key partner in recruitment. They react to clients' requests quickly and efficiently. I always look forward to working with them."

Tomas Remenar, Regional HR Director EMEA at Audia

“GoodCall is always ready to supply us with high-quality candidates. I value their individual approach and attention to our specific needs.”

Robert Pata, Sales Manager at Storck

"GoodCall always put higher emphasis on candidates' quality over quantity and they deliver them in short time."

Štefan Václavik, HR Professional at Adient

"Our collaboration with GoodCall was very effective, they were flexible with interview dates and the chosen candidates fulfilled our expectations."

Darina Němcová, Financial Manager at Storck CZ&SK

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