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Whether you need to cover vacations, temporary absence of your HR staff, or you are launching a new project that you need candidates for, you do not have to automatically expand your team with new core employees. We provide our experienced, trained and highly professional sourcers and recruiters for short-term cooperation.

What will Recruitment Outsourcing contribute?

Our RPO model helps your recruitment manager with everything from setting up a recruitment strategy, preparing the right list of candidates to evaluating the whole process and everything in between. You can rely on professional recruitment services to get someone you, your recruitment manager and your management agree to.

Our RPO team does not rely on old school methods to find candidates. Instead, they use the latest technology with other cutting-edge tools to attract candidates. This will help you reach a wider range of qualified candidates.

The GoodCall RPO team has a unique Datacruit ATS system with which we can equip each of our sourcers or recruiters from the first day of providing our services, if you do not have any ATS system at your disposal.

The GoodCall mobile app is available to all RPO clients for advertising and presenting your job positions.

Our RPO team also offers clients portals and dashboards in real time so you can track progress. This will help you improve your recruitment process over time.

Personal and professional development of our RPO team is our priority. We continuously educate and certify our colleagues at Recruitment Academy, an educational platform that brings new trends and procedures in the field of recruitment, development and retention of employees.

If you need further assistance, we also arrange RPO and HR consultants who provide consulting services. They will help you evaluate your current recruitment methods and offer smart suggestions for improvement.

Who is RPO suitable for?


For our clients, we also often supply individual tasks, such as Longlists, Shortlists, i.e. lists of candidates for vacancies, labor market surveys, salary surveys, prescreening or HR consulting.


You don't need to run your own personal department. Our recruiters and HR professionals will help you find your first employees and take care of the implementation of a basic and functional personnel agenda.

Medium-sized companies

If you already have a functional human resources department, but you have a project in front of you for which your human resources are no longer enough, our RPO team will cover these gaps.

Large companies

If you have reached your maximum headcount, RPO appears as an investment in the project. We will cover your capacity gaps and your number of employees will remain unchanged. Plus, the arrival of external experts to your company means new know-how and a chance to upskill your current team.

When to hire RPO?

If you belong to one of the groups below, then it's time to try RPO.

Your recruiters are not experienced enough or you need to increase the competencies of your current team (upskilling).

If you are a new company and you have a recruitment manager who needs a little guidance, hiring an RPO is a great way to achieve this. They can offer their consulting services and fix broken processes and recruitment paths. This will help your recruitment manager gain new know-how so that he can advance on his own in the future.

You need high quality employees

RPO will not only help you find excellent employees in the beginning but will also strengthen the process of hiring and adapting employees, so you will be able to focus on working with the talents who will work for and develop your organization.

Your HR team is not focused only on recruitment

RPO can take over all the important elements of proper recruitment and your HR team can focus on other important HR tasks.

You need more team members

RPO consultants can actually come and act as an extension of your team. This way, you can transfer the responsibility for hiring to your RO partner.

You need to track efficiency and recruitment-related metrics

If you want strong, high-quality metrics to see if your recruitment was successful, hire RPO. They will give you information about how it was before you hired RO and after. This will help you understand the value of your investment.

How does it work

RPO will be part of your company and your team for an agreed period of time. They will communicate with the candidates under the banner of your company. They will follow all your internal processes and become a strong reinforcement of your HR team.

However, RPOs are not your employees. Therefore, all tax and remuneration payments are paid by us as an RPO supplier.



Contact us with your requirements.



We will agree on the number of RPO consultants, the period of cooperation, the range of services and the price.



We will send you a selection of our consultants who have the capacity.



We set the start date and conclude the contract.



Welcome RPO in your company.

How much does it cost?

We offer various solutions from recruiters for several months, only days or just orders realized from our offices.

We invoice for the work actually done, according to the number of hours of work done by our consultants. We do not invoice for the success fee, but for the pre-agreed price.

Benefits of RPO

  • Flexible forms of cooperation according to your needs
  • Obtaining candidates using the latest technologies
  • Professional support and personal approach
  • Qualitative selection of candidates according to your job requirements
  • You get a trained sourcer and recruiter who also brings the Datacruit ATS system to your company.
  • Reduced costs for permanent human resources enable investments in other key areas
  • Reduced average cost per hire
  • You get additional candidate resources
  • You will streamline the quality of recruitment
  • Improve scalability to respond to the changing needs of your organization. The RPO solution allows your organization to reduce and increase the number of talent recruits as recruitment needs change.
  • You get transparency through regular reporting. Measure and monitor performance through regular reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • With the RPO solution, you have access to talent data with tangible information that will inform you about your hiring decisions, from talent mapping to workforce planning. Increase efficiency, identify room for process improvements, and better predict future recruitment needs.
  • You gain access to expertise. Using experienced GoodCall RPO recruiters as an extension of your team provides access to deep networks of candidates and shortens their involvement time.

The most innovative companies trust us

  • Johnson Controls
  • Marelli
  • Deutsche Telekom

“GoodCall's approach is extraordinary and we can always rely on delivering quality results along with honest, ethical partnerships.”

Mark Meyer, Managing Director at Circle Investment Support Services, s.r.o.

“I think GoodCall is so far the best recruitment agency in Slovakia.”

Inna Rogač, Operations Academy Manager EMEA at Adient

“GoodCall is like a breath of fresh air. Where other companies already reach their limits, GoodCall still delivers :-).”

Dagmar Hůlková, HR Business Partner at Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia, s.r.o.

“It is the best agency I have ever worked with, their employees really understand what they do.”

Andrea Brániková, Recruitment Specialist at Brose Group

"With GoodCall you always get a 100% service. The team of professionals is always happy to help and clients' request are top priority."

Ivana Latečková, Senior HR Manager Bratislava Business Center at Johnson Controls International

"GoodCall is my key partner in recruitment. They react to clients' requests quickly and efficiently. I always look forward to working with them."

Tomas Remenar, Regional HR Director EMEA at Audia

“GoodCall is always ready to supply us with high-quality candidates. I value their individual approach and attention to our specific needs.”

Robert Pata, Sales Manager at Storck

"GoodCall always put higher emphasis on candidates' quality over quantity and they deliver them in short time."

Štefan Václavik, HR Professional at Adient

"Our collaboration with GoodCall was very effective, they were flexible with interview dates and the chosen candidates fulfilled our expectations."

Darina Němcová, Financial Manager at Storck CZ&SK


For how long can I have RPO in a company?

We are very flexible. By default, the rental period of our recruiters ranges from a few hours a week to several months.

How should I prepare for cooperation with RPO?

Our recruiters use their own phone and computer. They are also equipped with their own HR software Datacruit ATS. You only need to provide training in corporate culture, share your logo, company e-mail signature and other documents with RPO consultants, so that they can act as a real representative of your company on LinkedIn and in e-mail communication. Everything else is up to us.

To what extent am I responsible for RPO?

Payment of levies, taxes and remuneration is up to us.

Who pays RPO consultants' fees?

All RPO costs are on the GoodCall side.

How fast can you send me RPO?

We have a lot of RPO consultants who are currently completing the project or will be completing in the near future, so the start-up time depends on the agreement and our capabilities at the time.

Is it possible to terminate the contract operatively?

It is always possible to agree on the length and termination of the contract.

Do you specialize in any sectors or with which sectors do you have the greatest experience?

We have specialists in the RPO team in various fields ranging from marketing, sales to IT. We can supply experts across different fields of specialization.

Is it possible to take your RPO into our company?

Yes, it is possible, but this transaction includes a fee for the transfer of the consultant to the client.

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